Giving talented individuals the chance to develop a career in the Technology & Engineering sector


We believe the UK continues to be one of the leading countries within Engineering & Technology in the world.

It’s crucial that these companies, innovators and entrepreneurs along with the Engineers of today and tomorrow, are given the support to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of Engineer & Technology Design.

Whether you are a small business trying to get an idea off the ground, a growing business being recognised for your achievements or an Engineer looking to progress your career you are equally as important to Hernshead.

For us it is about companies & people that want to develop, grow and contribute to the industry. If you tick all three of those boxes, then we want to help you.

We also do this to give talented individuals the chance to develop a career (through recruitment) and experience the growing Technology & Engineering sector. We can then provide them with the opportunity to educate themselves further, contribute to the industry, give back to charity and help them achieve their personal goals.

How we do this

It’s crucial to ours and your success that we are working with you rather than for you.

For clients we like to become an extension of your business. We make it our goal to understand your business; by that we mean your goals, people, challenges and what makes you tick.

For candidates it’s not just about the career or education you have had so far, but your career aspirations and your experience outside of work.

The world didn’t need another generic recruitment agency promising the world and delivering the same service. We have access to the same tools (such as Job Boards & LinkedIn) that everyone else does. What sets us apart is the understanding of your business, job & industry and our honesty to you (even if sometimes we have to tell you things you might not like to hear).

Along with that we recognise the part we have to play in ensuring the next generation of Engineers join the industry. Our consultants regularly volunteer for a number of STEM organisations and we’ve partnered with the EDT and donate a % of our turnover to help them carry out their fantastic charity work.

group of people sitting on chair in front of table with laptop computers

What we do

Recruit for some of the fastest growing and most exciting Technology & Engineering companies within the UK, delivering projects around the world.

From Automated Machinery saving lives to companies with bespoke patented technology helping to create the food we eat daily, every client like us has their technological speciality and by understanding their business we not only recruit great permanent and contract resource for them but we advise on new office locations, advise on their business strategy and help their business development.

Tom is a very friendly and professional recruiter. He goes above and beyond to help you prepare and feel ready for all stages of the application providing you with great confidence going into interview.

KieranProject Engineer