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Tom Johnson


Why Engineering and Technology?

Having worked for Engineering Recruitment businesses my entire career, I was familiar with the different sectors and felt comfortable working within them. It always seemed that there were lots of Engineering Recruiters and lots of Technology Recruiters and noone filling that space in between. In the modern day, Engineering includes lots of Technology – it’s not all nuts and bolts anymore, but Engineers using CAD packages on a computer. I felt there was an appropriate space for us to provide that service where Engineering and Technology converge.

Why did I start my own business?

I feel very strongly that Recruitment now is not just about making placements. My role as Director includes forming partnerships with clients that last for a long time and enable us to offer so much more than Recruitment. I am very passionate about being able to work with clients to create video and social content to enhance their brands and encourage growth within them.

What people say about me

“Having worked with Tom for over 6 years, I can safely say he is one of the most trusted, respected and customer centric suppliers that I use. He takes time to listen to a brief, establishes relationships with managers and candidates alike, and is flexible enough to adapt to a changing context on the occasion when this is necessary. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom, or Hernshead, to anyone wanting a genuine partner in terms of recruiting high impact staff.” – Head of HR

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