Are you a graduate software engineer who wants to use their software skills in an engineering environment to solve bespoke problems?

This company creates specialised vision systems in order to solve their clients’ problems. You will be a part of a specialised team that is geared towards solving complex problems that are different to the last.

The current project that is being developed at the moment is an automated Broccoli Harvester, which they are just about to launch. They are also working on a project that will involve telling the sex and different sizing of crabs and lobsters. They are also involved in developing projects for the car industry, racing, detection of mould on food and many more.


  • 25k Salary.
  • Working for a very supportive and very flexible company.
  • Travel (flights, accommodation and food are covered by the company).
  • Creating systems that have never been thought of before.
  • Chance to use C# knowledge in engineering environment.
  • Working on projects that requires a bespoke solution.
  • You will be a part of a specialised team and so you will not be pigeonholed in learning a small part of a process. Your work and skills will contribute majorly on projects.
  • This company rewards long service by topping up holiday days by one day, for each year spent with the company.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Graduates who possess an Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Computer Science or Software Engineer degree are encouraged to apply.
  • Experience and proficiency within C# is necessary for this role. Knowledge of C++ language as an addition would be useful.
  •  A passion for problem solving.

Job details

  • Function
    Graduate - 2020
  • Salary
  • Location
    United Kingdom