Water, it’s a pretty essential service to keep human life going.


Most people don’t realise the work and technology that goes in to supplying safe and reliable water to millions of people every day. Chances are if you’re local and reading this a Control Systems Engineer is directly responsible for that glass of water you had.


So why not come and join the team and contribute to that?


Working for a company that actually care about their employees and not just the quality of water they produce.


Whether that’s utilising the onsite private nursery, on site restaurant, excellence awards, flexible working or even the free gym on site. I’m guessing that you don’t have that at your current employer.


So, if you’re a Control Systems Engineer, maybe working for a local SI get in touch. As a member of the ICA team, you’ll creatively problem solve every day.


More specifically you’ll use Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi PLCs/SCADAs to create intelligent Control Systems. This will involve documentation, design, software development and commissioning.


Someone with a background in Water/Utilities and Allen Bradley or Mitsubishi PLCs would be ideal but the company has had great success in hiring from other sectors or those with experience of other Control Systems so if this is you we’d still love to hear from you.



Job details

  • Function
    Controls & Automation
  • Salary
  • Location
    United Kingdom